After you

Several hundred young people and young adults – one festival – one monastery – lots of music and worship – chilling in cafés – a BUJU contest – seminars on a challenging topic – discussion groups – workshops – games and fun – prayers – church services - fellowship... That awaits you at BUJU 2019 in Volkenroda! NACH DIR (AFTER YOU) – where did I come from? Do I come after my parents? Where do I stand right now – what influences me and what do I let influence me? Where do I go and who do I let go, who do I follow? And why Jesus? What do I do as a follower? What’s the point? NACH DIR – DIR NACH!

In addition to services, prayers at different times of the day and small group discussions, speakers will go with us in lectures and seminars on the search for the traces of our life. They look with us at where we come from, what shapes us and what defines us. We experience how Jesus understood „to follow“ and what this means for us personally. We let ourselves be made fit to take new steps and leave behind new traces. NACH DIR - everything around the topic „discipleship“.